AlHassan Bin Dhabooy Alfalasi
Emirati Chef

Alhassan Alfalasi is an aspiring Emirati chef who is currently completing his culinary studies at the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management. Alhassan’s passion for cooking started at home, as he grew up in a household where the entire family had a talent for cooking. At an early age, Alhassan was able to pick up the basics by watching his family members as well as personally helping out with the preparation of meals.

Over the years, Alhassan’s interest in gastronomy further deepened and he began to experiment with various cooking techniques. He also ventured into different culinary fields such as baking, which he excelled at and as a result he was awarded 1st place in the 2019 International Cake Competition.

Alhassan is currently exploring the Emirati cuisine and learning more about traditional cooking methods within the UAE and the ways to perfect dishes that are part of the culture of the country. In the future, he aspires to collaborate with various international chefs to further develop his knowledge and skills in the gastronomy field. This will allow him to positively contribute to the culinary industry in the UAE as well as on an international level